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Optimizing performance for practitioners and patients


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We recognize that ongoing training and support leads to vastly improved patient satisfaction and practice growth. Our mission is to offer a pathway to success for physiotherapists who are looking to excel in their careers, refine their clinical reasoning and provide optimal care to their patients.



Our passion lies in helping physiotherapists, patients and clinics achieve the results they deserve. We believe that working together is the way.

-Joelle & Julia

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Helping Physios be their Very Best

This program is designed to develop advanced assessment and treatment skills for physiotherapists while building a community of elite practitioners.

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One-on-One Skill Development

"No matter how talented you are, your talent will fail you if you are not skilled. Skill is achieved through practice. Work hard and dedicate yourself to being better every single day" - Will Smith

Skill Development through:

1. Direct Shadowing​

2. One-on-one Hands-On Training

Group Workshops

"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with" - Jim Rohn

Group workshops allow for our mastermind group of practitioners to come together regularly to grow as professionals and as people.


Online Community

​"If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together"

  • We have regularly scheduled group and individual Zoom calls, and we are accessible via phone,  email and text to answer questions you may have about your practice

  • You will have access to a private community forum of likeminded individuals to ask questions, share resources, discuss your practice, and grow as a practitioner

Meet The Mentors

Julia Cetnar and Joelle Karam are two physiotherapists with nearly a decade of experience each in Neurofunctional Integrated Practice. Early in their careers, they felt the void in mentorship and guidance within the physiotherapy world when it came to application of knowledge acquired from the various courses they took. In search of clinical skill development, they found massive success with several mentors, leading practitioners in their field, and now want to offer a path to success for new and developing physiotherapists.

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"The mentorship program has accelerated my development as a physiotherapist tremendously. Julia and Joelle have really helped build my confidence and skillset as a practitioner and they are invaluable as a resource." - JW

"The mentorship program has helped me find new tools, skills, assessments, as well as refine my critical thinking and planning treatment. The confidence of knowing that what you're doing has worked and comes from clinical experience that you haven't had yet is invaluable. It doesnt allow you to be still in your learning, growing. And has helped to provide role models that give me a clear idea of who I want to be as a therapist." -NP

"The Mentorship program was great to have in my first year of practice as it helped me refine my handling skills and helped me grow more confident more quickly as a clinician. Joelle and Julia are easy to approach and are always happy to answer questions and share their knowledge as experienced clinicians which made the workshops easy to take part in and learn from." - SS

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