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Learn how to apply a 4-Part Assessment Framework to average left medial knee pain and how to confidently arrive at a holistic treatment plan.

PLUS: get the BEYOND THE BASIC APPROACH ASSESSMENT TOOL we teach to practitioners and use in our own practices every day. 

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Do you have a knee case that's got you scratching your head? 🤔

Are you wondering which move to make next when a patient doesn't fit the textbook mold

How do you pivot for a case that's not responding to treatment as expected? 🤯

It's not your fault! Traditional physiotherapy education often fixates on the mechanics alone.

So with only a few structural diagnoses learned in school and not having access to structured mentorship... it's no wonder so many GTA practitioners feel insecure. 🥲

To truly understand cases with great clarity and get optimal results, when someone presents with a complaint or injury, we need to...

1. Consider the condition locally ✅

2. But then bring our focus to the bigger picture 🌎

To the person as a whole – and what factors (habits, previous injuries, environment, nutrition, psychology, etc) have brought this patient to our table.

Explore what this looks like in practice as we guide you through a case study of average left medial knee pain.


Learn how to confidently assess the human body complexities and appreciate all of the contributing factors to any case that walks through your doors.

Use our free ebook and the assessment tool template and let's start making the complex world of knee pain a little less daunting, shall we? 👏🏻

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