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Curriculum Design: Inner_about


What we offer:

  • Technical skills development:

  • Functional assessment techniques

  • Clinical reasoning

  • Needling techniques

  • Soft tissue mobilization

  • Prescriptive exercise

  • Specialized core rehab/pelvic floor


Practice management help:

  • Building patient rapport/optimizing communication

  • Dealing with difficult patients

  • Patient education re injury management vs performance care vs ongoing maintenance treatment

  • Interacting with other team members - building strong relationships with fellow practitioners and admin staff

  • Audit prep


Continuing education support:

  • Advice on which courses to take & when

  • Guidance on how to integrate newly learned concepts into your practice

  • Networking opportunities with contacts in the field with various specialties



  • Shadowing hours​

    • ​Some of our best learning has been from watching our mentors treat. We have direct shadowing hours in timely intervals to teach what cannot be taught in the classroom.

  • One-on-one skills development sessions​

    • ​Following shadowing hours, we will spend an hour with you to practice skills you have learned and offering feedback

  • Group workshops - led by Julia/Joelle and guest instructors

  • Individual and group Zoom calls to discuss cases, review research, and present topics in an inservice-style format

  • Ongoing phone/email support

    • We are accessible via telephone and email to answer questions you may have about your practice

  • Online forum

    • You will have access to a private community of likeminded individuals to ask questions, share resources, discuss your practice, and grow as a practitioner

"The mentorship program has helped equip me with the tools to feel confident with treating a variety of conditions. The instructors provide a lot of support, both in person and through electronic resources. Many learning opportunities are provided through shadowing, group workshops, and tutorials led by highly-reputable clinicians. I have gained invaluable skills for assessing, treating and managing my caseload. I would recommend the program for any new graduate!" -KR

"The mentorship program has allowed me to become more confident in providing good quality patient care. It has made the transition from Physiotherapy school into the clinical setting a lot smoother. I have grown, and continue to grow, as a practitioner under the guidance of the mentorship program." -AE

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