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RMT + Acupuncture Roundtable Discussion

Are you an RMT who has acupuncture training? Unsure of how to integrate this skill into your existing practice? Don't feel like you're using your acu training as well as you could be? Fear not, we assembled a team of RMT experts to answer all your questions and provide guidance for your practice! 


In our discussion, we address common questions like


- how do I get my patients to be open to trying acu?

- do I charge extra for adding acu to a massage?

- how do I manage my time? Do I make my appointments longer to accomodate acupuncture?

- can I still do massage while I have needles in?

- how can I balance doing a proper assessment and re-assessment with giving patients maximum hands-on time?

- how do I manage draping with this style of treatment? Do I get my patients to wear shorts to their treatment or what?


Our crack team of experienced RMTs who have smoothly and successfully integrated acupuncture into their practices answer all of the above and more in this zoom discussion. 

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