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Physio Mentors Advanced Practice Program 



The Physio Mentors Advanced Practice Program is a community of like-minded and motivated practitioners, working together to facilitate continued excellence in clinical practice. 



Complacency is the thief of excellence. This community creates a network that facilitates high performance in clinical practice. Working together, we challenge each other to be better practitioners, motivate each other to continue to strive for excellence, and keep each other accountable on our journeys of professional growth.



To create a space which enables our vision, delivered in the following format:

  • Workshops - run by the founding senior physiotherapists and guest expert practitioners (2/year)

  • Group Zoom calls - case discussions, research reviews, inservice-style learning (4/year)

  • 1:1 Zoom calls for individual discussion (2/year)

  • Shadowing + one-on-one hands-on skill development sessions (4/year)

  • Free access to workshops being run within the Physio Mentors Introductory Mentorship Program and acupuncture tutorials

  • Access to private online forum


Our framework is heavily influenced by the Neurofunctional approach developed by Dr Alejandro Elorriaga as it is holistic -  integrating the functionality of the neurological, metabolic, and cardiovascular systems with the structural education with which entry-level physiotherapists begin their clinical practice. We integrate this model with our own clinical experience and the breadth of knowledge we have gained from other postgraduate training and mentoring with other highly skilled practitioners. 


Additionally, the Neurofunctional approach helps the development of a stable, sustainable caseload as it gives the practitioner a framework to shift the conversation away from episodic therapy for acute injury management to a performance-optimization model of care, with emphasis on long-term preventative treatment. 

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